Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Albums

Went through my playback statistics and made a table of the top 100 albums by plays per track.  Some notes on the data.  First, I replaced something like 40 Mountain Goats albums with two entries to give other bands a chance.  Second, I removed a few entries that had only a single song (and weren't really an album).  Next, I have them sorted by band then by plays/tracks.  I prefer this to just sorting by plays/tracks.  The data only ranges a little over a year.  So, that affects things greatly by promoting more recently discovered bands.  Lastly the CDs I have in my car are greatly underrepresented.

3 Inches of BloodFire Up The Blades1541311.85
3 Inches of BloodHere Waits Thy Doom1181110.73
Against Me!The Disco Before The Breakdown72324.00
Against Me!New Wave1381013.80
Against Me!White People For Peace25212.50
Against Me!Sink, Florida, Sink & Unsubstantiated Rumors20210.00
Against Me!Searching for a Former Clarity136149.71
Against Me!Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose104119.45
Atom And His PackageHamburgers66513.20
Atom And His PackageRedefining Music1861512.40
Atom And His PackageAtom & His Package2442012.20
Atom And His PackageA Society of People Named Elihu2342011.70
boysetsfireIn Chrysalis52510.40
Dale Swanson ProjectRing Tailed Lemur4959.80
David BowieRandom Songs1929.50
Defiance, OhioThe Fear, The Fear, The Fear1401014.00
Defiance, OhioGhost Mice/Defiance, Ohio Split CD4859.60
Every Time I DieThe Big Dirty2641222.00
Every Time I DieGutter Phenonmenon2011118.27
Every Time I DieNew Junk Aesthetic1551311.92
Every Time I DieHot Damn!1141011.40
Genghis TronBoard Up the House1651115.00
Genghis TronDead Mountain Mouth1241012.40
Genghis TronCape Of Hate82810.25
Gentle GiantThree Friends87614.50
Gentle GiantOut Of The Woods The BBC Sessions1951413.93
Gentle GiantGiant for a Day!1221012.20
Gentle GiantAcquiring the Taste96812.00
Gentle GiantOctopus89811.13
Gentle GiantGentle Giant74710.57
Gentle GiantFree Hand80810.00
Gentle GiantThe Power And The Glory8899.78
HatebreedThe Rise Of Brutality1441311.08
HORSE the BandPizza189537.80
HORSE the BandDesperate Living2511220.92
HORSE the BandA Natural Death3311917.42
HORSE the BandSecret Rhythm Of The Universe1101011.00
HORSE The BandThe Mechanical Hand1411310.85
HORSE the Band Beautiful Songs By Men EP 6679.43
Hot Hot HeatElevator1411310.85
Hot Water MusicBYO Split Series, Vol. 130215.00
Hot Water MusicMoonpies for Misfits50412.50
Hot Water MusicFuel for the Hate Game1351112.27
Hot Water MusicA Flight and a Crash1661411.86
Hot Water MusicNever Ender1371211.42
Hot Water MusicNo Division1121110.18
Led ZeppelinPresence166723.71
Led ZeppelinHouses Of The Holy143817.88
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti2661517.73
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV85810.63
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III1011010.10
Led ZeppelinCoda119129.92
Led ZeppelinIn Through The Out Door6779.57
Man ManRabbit Habits3531327.15
Man ManSix Demon Bag2561319.69
Man ManThe Man in a Blue Turban with a Face1391112.64
ManowarThe Kingdom of Steel: The Very Best of Manowar1781611.13
Math The BandImaginary Everything3853012.83
Math The BandBanned the Math2532112.05
Math The BandAll Good Things, All In Good Time254269.77
Minor ThreatMinor Threat: Complete Discography2722610.46
Misfits12 Hits From Hell2381318.31
MisfitsStatic Age3171817.61
MisfitsLegacy Of Brutality2181316.77
MisfitsEarth A.D.1981216.50
MisfitsCollection II1551015.50
MisfitsFamous Monsters2311812.83
MisfitsAmerican Psycho2121911.16
MisfitsWalk Among Us1351310.38
Most Precious BloodMerciless1701313.08
Most Precious BloodOur Lady of Annihilation1121110.18
Murder City DevilsMurder City Devils1201012.00
RushThe Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-19871691511.27
Sound Tribe Sector 9Peaceblaster142159.47
The Blood BrothersYoung Machetes3081520.53
The Blood BrothersCrimes2321317.85
The Blood BrothersBurn Piano Island, Burn1741214.50
The Blood BrothersMarch on Electric Children114912.67
The Blood BrothersThis Adultery Is Ripe1131011.30
The Dillinger Escape PlanIre Works1331310.23
The EmotronIn The Decemberwrist1941910.21
The Fiery FurnacesGallowsbird's Bark3291620.56
The Fiery FurnacesBlueberry Boat2161316.62
The Fiery FurnacesBitter Tea1731511.53
The Fiery Furnaces Widow City 3331620.81
The Fiery Furnaces The Fiery Furnaces EP 1461014.60
The Mountain Goats Studio Stuff939245620.60
The Mountain Goats Live Stuff299725411.80
The Postal ServiceGive Up1061010.60
Tom GabelHeart Burns199922.11
Van Der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts71323.67
Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other138623.00
Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Aerosol Grey Machine2441122.18
Van Der Graaf GeneratorH to He, Who Am the Only One109521.80
Van Der Graaf GeneratorStill Life100520.00
Van Der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff49412.25
YesClose To The Edge (Remastered)29310.73

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