Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Walk with me though the hilariously inconsistent on-screen titles of Star Trek's two-part episodes.

 I couldn't resist the pedantry of this post.

"The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds" Part II
Okay, here we go. This is TNG's first actual two-parter. Note now the "Part II" is placed outside the quotes, adopting the style from TOS before it. The difference, other than dropping the "Part I" from part one, is that we’re not using ALL CAPS anymore, so we learn that “Part” is meant to be rendered in title case, with the “P” capitalized. A boring fact that you'll soon learn is the only constant in the universe.

"Redemption II"
Okay, another season-ending cliffhanger resolved! But... now we're just naming them like heavy metal albums, I guess. The only actual established rule for TNG so far is that "part one" does not get a roman numeral…