Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I remember seeing this before, but it's interesting for a few reasons. First if you remember our wondering about how the south (or rural areas in general) seemed to tax much less, (and my reasoning being that farms are able to provide are large amount of taxes while only requiring a small amount of government services). This seems to directly oppose that, still one cannot deny that there were less taxes in the south. First I'd like to know just how they determine which state to say got federally spent dollars. Does FL get credit for all the money spent by NASA at Cape Carnaval? Secondly I'd like to know what the bulk of the money the south is getting goes towards. Farm subsidaries? Money being spent on military bases and other federal government opperated organizations since they have so much free land? Third it occures to me that the more rural states probably pay and receive a lot less in absolute terms (as in less actual dollars), since they have less people. There could be a base cost of providing for a state which becomes more signifigant as the population decreases (and with it the per person cost). Lastly it's worth noting that NJ gives the most and receives the least.

Well conveintly there's a lot more interesting data on the subject is available.