Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California Wants To Put E-Ads On License Plates

"The San Jose Mercury News reports that the California state legislature wants to put electronic advertising on license plates. The plate would display standard plate information when the car is moving, but would also display ads when the car is stopped for more than 4 seconds (say, at a red light). Not distracting or annoying at all! 'The bill has received no formal opposition. It passed unanimously through the Senate last month and is scheduled to be heard Monday by the Assembly Transportation Committee.'"
This story in itself is ridiculous, but in the comments someone brought up this story:
In 1974 a man got a $25 fine for covering up NH's "Live Free or Die" motto on his license plate.  The ACLU convinced him to sue because it violated his first amendment rights (and because apparently exquisite irony isn't reason enough).  Eventually the US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in his favor.  NH in keeping with the highest "big baby" traditions, refused to pay $21k in legal fees.  A US marshal had to take a court order to a state owned liquor store and demand payment.

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