Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Price Of Aluminum

Lately I've been downloading a lot of Rifftrax. If you don't know it's cometary done by the 3 guys who did the latter season of MST3K. They do it for modern movies and just release the audio, so they don't worry about copyrights (which killed DVD releases of the original MST3K). I'd prefer to just get the audio and sync it myself, but you can really only find them presynced. They are quite funny, and I've been thinking about actually donating to them (and I'll continue to think very hard about it, which I'm sure is worth something).

The Federal government banning things it has no authority over by over taxing and then giving part of the money back with strings attached should be forbidden in the constitution. 55 mph speed limits, 21 drinking age, and now executive pay. I can't comprehend how people think this is a good thing. Will they still when their entire paycheck goes to the Federal government and then they receive allowances?

(12:07:54 AM) Me:
(12:08:04 AM) Me: 25 cans per pound
(12:08:16 AM) Me: about $0.65 a pound for aluminum
(12:09:05 AM) Me: $1000 / $15 a case = 67 cases * 30 = 2010 cans
(12:09:42 AM) Me: 2010 / 25 = 81lbs * $0.65 = $53
(12:09:50 AM) Me: so it's a lie
(12:09:58 AM) Me: something on the internet is not true
(12:10:05 AM) Me: alert the townspeople

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