Thursday, January 14, 2010

United Nations

So I was playing some Civ 4, and I was thinking about the UN.  I've long had thoughts for what I'd like to see instead of the UN.  I'll put my ideas here.  First instead of being something linked to a wonder it would be much more similar to mutual protection pacts.  Once some tech had been researched any civ with it would be able to enter into international unions.  The way it would work is one civ would create the charter for the union and then try to get other civs to join it via the trade screen.  No civ would be part of it unless they consented, and there could be multiple unions at a time.  Any attack on any member would put you at war with the entire union.  No civ could be a member of multiple unions.  On the trade screen there would be a new item like, propose my joining your union and vote for me.

The charter would contain everything about how the union worked.  Here's what would be configurable.  Percentage needed to pass resolutions.  Percentage needed to change charter (change these configurable things).  Whether each civ got one vote or a vote based on population (or both).  Percentage needed to admit new members.  Percentage needed to kick out existing members.

Every turn any member would be able to put up any one resolution.  There'd be no leader.  Here's the resolutions.  Give city from one member to another.  Give money from one member to another.  Condemn some civ (suffer -1 relations hit).  Declare war on some civ.  Give any tech known by x members to all members.  All the resolutions currently in the game.

The key for all this is that any civ could defy a resolution whenever they wanted.  However, when they did they'd automatically be kicked out, and they'd automatically be at war with the union (if a civ was kicked out via a vote there would be no mandatory war).  This is really the only change I actually care about, I just don't think it would be fair to force civs into the union. 

I suppose civs would be pretty unlikely to enter these unions.  You could give economic rewards like additional trade routes between members.  Also you could come up with a custom screen for the creating of unions that would show which civs would be willing to join and what changes they'd want before they'd join.

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