Sunday, July 11, 2010

Microwave Popcorn

I eat a lot of microwave popcorn.  A few weeks ago I read somewhere the microwaving a cup of water first would improve the popcorn.  I usually pretty skeptical of people claiming better tastes for stuff that shouldn't matter.  However, it did seem like the steam could help keep the popcorn moist.  Either way I tried it and it does seem to work.  It could be psychological, but I've been too lazy to conduct a double blind study.  The stuff I've read online recommended one cup for one minute.  I've been doing a cup for three minutes, figuring that if it is steam that would lead to more steam.  Then quickly switching the popcorn bag in (quickly to prevent a lot of steam from escaping).

Anyway, here is a thread where it is discussed.  They seem to attribute it to the steam or the preheated components (or it being hogwash).

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