Friday, September 17, 2010

Unit Circle Practice

So, I'm taking a trig class.  First quiz was on the unit circle.  A quick search of Google didn't find any sites that had practice in the format I wanted, so I decided to make my own.  Since I had trouble finding a site with something similar I figured I'd post mine in case anyone was ever looking for it.

It's an Open Office spreadsheet.  There's a column for trig function (sin, csc, etc), angle in rad, angle in degrees, a randomly selected rad or degrees question, the exact answer, and approx answer.  There are 103 rows, covering all 6 trig functions for every angle on the unit circle (with 0 and 360).  No negative angles or angles > 360.  If you are familar with spreadsheets it should be very easy to use.

I used it by sorting by G (which will randomly order the angles).  Then going down column D and solving.  By highlighting the blacked out solution cell the answer appears in the box at the top.  Just hit the down arrow after you solve the next problem.  You can hide columns A, B, and C, or scroll so they are hidden, or just not look at them.  If you sort by A then C it does a nice job of displaying them in an organized fashion.  If you sort by F it does a nice job of showing the patterns.

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