Thursday, February 10, 2011

How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price
The code to be added was an HTTP beacon that linked to a free website Barr had set up on Blogspot. He wanted a copy of the altered source and a compiled executable. His programmer, fearing Anonymous, balked.
On January 20, the coder wrote back, "I'm not compiling that shit on my box!" He even refused to grab a copy of the source code from message boards or other IRC users, because "I ain't touchin' any of that shit as those are already monitored."
"Dude," responded Barr. "Anonymous is a reckless organization. C'mon I know u and I both understand and believe generally in their principles but they are not a focused and considerate group, the[y] attack at will and do not care of their effects. Do u actually like this group?"
The coder said he didn't support all they did, but that Anonymous had its moments. Besides, "I enjoy the LULZ."

This story is really good.  It's three pages, I really recommend you read through it all.

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