Sunday, July 10, 2011

Web Comics

I have a folder called web comics with 15 or so links in it that I check every day.  Often, it's the first thing I do in the morning* before eating or peeing or breathing.  I've decided to share the list of these web comics with the rest of the world.  Many of these will not be much of a surprise if you are familiar with web comics.  In addition, the humor of most could be described as nerdy, eccentric, and absurd.  Actually, that more or less describes my life.
*"morning" may actually be late afternoon

Here's the list.  They are vaguely in order of how much I like them:
xkcd - Probably the most popular nerdy web comic out there.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The same description for xkcd could be used here, although they do differ quite a bit.  Probably my favorite web comic.
Married To The Sea - I used to think he found old drawings and gave them absurd captions.  However, some of the drawings are too ridiculous to be real.  Updated 365 days a year.
Toothpaste For Dinner - Ran by same guy as MTTS.  Pretty much just awful drawings with funny text.
Cyanide & Happiness - I suppose this may be the most popular web comic, or at least the one I most often see copied and pasted to random sites.  Humor could probably be summarized as 'offensive'.
Buttersafe - Would probably rank higher if it updated more than twice a week.  Humor could probably be summarized as 'absurd'.
Amazing Super Powers - Hard to pin down the humor on this one.  Perhaps, 'people who would be poor role models'.
Three Word Phase - There's a 1% chance you will love it.  There's a 99% chance you will say "okay?".
Surviving the World - A unique execution.  The author draws the comic on a chalkboard and then takes a picture of it.  I suppose they are supposed to take the form of life lessons.
Abstruse Goose - Good, rather heavy on the nerdiness.
Something of that Ilk - A recent addition to my list.
Doghouse Diaries - I'm running out of descriptions that aren't covered by my general one.
channelATE - Why am I writing description when you should just be looking at the actual web comic?
Cowbirds in Love - Could probably be summarized as 'inoffensive'.
Basic Instructions - Taking the form of instructions on handling life's problems, it is a bit heavy on text, but good.
Questionable Content - I think this could be summarized beautifully as 'hipster soap opera'.  I'm not sure how I started reading it, or why I continue, but I am sure that reading it is probably the gayest thing I do.

Honorable Mentions:
Perry Bible Fellowship - A comic that isn't really updated anymore.  However, it would probably be at the top of the list if it were.  I think it was published in a newspaper, whatever the hell that is.
The Oatmeal - Not really a web comic.  More of a guy ruthlessly tearing people apart with drawings.

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