Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Money Data

I think I'd be happy if xkcd switched from comics to just monthly epic data presentations like this.  Here are some interesting things I found in it:
  • Annual cost of: cat - $670, internet - $720, cellphone - $928
  • 1965 ratio of CEO pay to production worker pay = 25x.  2007 ratio = 275x.
  • That royal wedding used $800,000 in flowers.
  • Iraq war cost more than Vietnam.
  • Combined Iraq/Afghanistan wars cost about 25% of WWII.
  • Nuclear power plus a Fukushima level accident every year costs less than solar or coal with external costs (although less than on shore wind).
  • State taxes are surprisingly regressive. 
  • Apple has $76 billion in cash reserves, they could buy 15 Nimitz class carriers (at $5 billion each, US has 10), or 422 F-22 Raptors (US has 187).
  • Walmart's annual profit of $16.4 billion could fund 88% of NASA's annual budget of $18.6 billion.

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