Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ideas For Government

  • Bills must be read aloud in their entirety before being voted on.
  • Only members present for the entire reading may vote on a bill.
  • Bills require a majority of all members, not just members present.
  • Bills must be published and read aloud at least one week prior to being voted on.
  • Emergency votes could waive the one week requirement with a 60% vote, but would only be valid for two weeks unless they were repassed after the week requirement.
  • Require a 200 word (or less) summary of goals of the bill.  Any part of the bill that does not directly address those goals is invalid.
  • No one may hold a public office if they have received over $10,000 in gifts or contributions (from any source) total in the past 10 years.
  • Starting one year prior to an election, anyone qualified for a public office may get signatures on a petition to receive funding for that election.  If they receive a number greater than 1/500th of the eligible voters then they receive some set amount of funding.  All ads or expenses related to the campaign must come from that fund exclusively.

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