Thursday, June 14, 2012

What TLDs Does Google Want?

In case you're unaware, ICANN are in the process of auctioning off new TLDs.  This means soon, instead of you'll be able to visit .google (note the dot is required).  Of course, if you simply type 'google' into your browser now it will likely take you to  As well as the fact that people already don't understand domains or URLs, and I can't imagine telling someone to visit .google would help (although it is my sincerest hope that somehow slashdot is able to obtain the 'dot' TLD, giving the url

Anyway, this change is useful for three reasons:
  1. Confusing everyone.
  2. Breaking a lot of software and giving no easy way to detect urls in text.
  3. Making ICANN a lot of money.
Well after of few months of applications the list 1930 initial requested TLDs is in:

A quick search shows that dot is already claimed by 'Charleston Road Registry Inc.' and Dish Networks.  They will now send their fittest employee to battle in the thunderdome.  Charleston Road Registry Inc. also requested 100 other TLDs, some detective work (ie noticing the email address is reveals that it is actually Google.  Here are the TLDs Google wants (minus 3 non latin alphabet ones, google in japanese and chinese, and everyone in japanese):

Ads And Android App Are Baby Blog Boo Book Buy Cal Car Channel Chrome Cloud Corp Cpa Dad Day Dclk Dds Dev Diy Docs Dog Dot Drive Earth Eat Esq Est Family Film Fly Foo Free Fun Fyi Game Gbiz Gle Gmail Gmbh Goo Goog Google Guge Hangout Here Home How Inc Ing Kid Live Llc Llp Lol Love Mail Map Mba Med Meme Mom Moto Mov Movie Music New Nexus Page Pet Phd Play Plus Prod Prof Rsvp Search Shop Show Site Soy Spot Srl Store Talk Team Tech Tour Tube Vip Web Wow You Youtube Zip

Some are obvious, but some seem really odd.  .meme?

Top requested TLDs:
13        APP
11        HOME
11        INC
10        ART
9        BLOG
9        BOOK
9        LLC
9        SHOP
8        DESIGN
8        MOVIE
8        MUSIC

Other highlights:
Walmart wants .george
Microsoft only want 11, and they're all boring
Amazon want 76, the only other legitimate company to want more than a dozen or so.
Apple only requested .apple.  Perhaps they are using a different shell company for the rest, although nothing else mentioned 'apple'
The award for most goes to some guy named Daniel Schindler with 307 each registered to a different LLC named for the domain.  I can only assume these are some highly legitimate businesses or some sort of plot for fish to take over the internet.
No request for .jello.  Come on Kraft, get your act together.  I would pay top dollar* for a domain at .jello.
In fact they were pretty boring.  .sex and .porn are reserved for current holders of .xxx (ie no one), so there was only one request for those by someone who didn't get the memo.  Other than those there were no dirty words that I could think of (and I can think of a lot).

*top dollar = exactly what I pay now for .org

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