Saturday, July 14, 2012

America’s economy: Points of light

A decade ago Air Tractor sold almost all its crop-dusting and fire-fighting aircraft in the United States, leaving it vulnerable both to America’s business cycle and its weather. Now, helped by federal financing, it has increased foreign sales to about half its total. Employment has more than doubled, to 270. From its home in Olney, Texas (population 3,285), Air Tractor this year will sell 40 aircraft, a fifth of its annual total, to Brazil, which needs bigger crop-dusters to expand grain sales worldwide. “If we can do it from a town that has three stop-lights and one Dairy Queen, it can be done by anyone,” says David Ickert, the chief financial officer.

This article does a good job of pointing out the benefit of globalization and a strengthening Chinese economy.  As the Chinese become richer, they go from an unlimited source of cheap labor to a new huge consumer pool.

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