Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grain of sand sized piece of neutron star matter


So the realistic scenario would be, you reach out in curiosity to touch the grain of sand. Your fingertip gets 1 cm away, and you feel like it's being gently pulled on. You bring it half a centimeter closer, hrm, more of a pull, then you get to 1-2 mm away, and it suddenly feels like someone yanked on your nail as your finger suddenly snaps to the grain of sand (much like two closely spaced magnets suddenly snap into one another).

At that very instant, it feels like someone has grabbed a square millimeter of your fingertip with pliers, so you yank your arm back and that tiny little area on your fingertip is torn off in the process. Your fingertip now has a little crater on it, about 1mm in diameter, and looks like you had a teeny little wart removed.

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