Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wawa Elevations

Two peices of news. First I put all my Wawa locations into a Google Map which is here.

I was going over the data and noticed I also didn't have the Franklin Ave Wawa, which the below link didn't have. I went back to the Wawa site and they didn't list it. This is puzzling since that store is quite old, and I don't think closing. I now assume my missing stores are the ones missing from Wawa's own site. (I later found it southbound on 73).

Secondly, by popular demand I found the elevations for the Wawas. I really wanted to get elevations from the start but couldn't find any way to elevations from longitude and latitude. I spent a few hours and downloaded literally a GB of data from the NGS. Finally though I discovered a site that gave the elevation data in a small simple file from the lat and long in the URL.


With that it was a simple matter to make a batch file with 539 commands to have lynx dump the page to a single file. Then I added it to the spreadsheet and here are the highest in each state:

State Store Lat Long Address City Zip Meters Feet
PA 270 41.0704920 -75.7041700 RT 940 and Turnpike Kidder Township 18661 466 1528.9
MD 590 39.5613408 -76.9663412 805 Leidy Road Westminster 21157 269 882.5
DE 826 39.8287879 -75.5424637 3448 Naamans Road Wilmington 19803 123 403.5
NJ 985 40.6964516 -75.1759533 411 Roseberry Street Phillipsburg 08865 106 347.8
VA 659 37.5053630 -77.6009650 11021 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond 23235 105 344.5

Let the Wawa highpointing begin!


  1. Is there a way to download this in some other format. When it downloads in an excel spreadsheet... I can't read it. Feel free to email me at danielle_posa@gallup.com

  2. It's an Open Document Spreadsheet, which is used by Open Office. I resaved it as a csv file which should be readable by Microsoft's programs.