Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stop With The Emails!

As most of you have noticed my Oracal program stopped working. Recently Google redesigned their results, and this messed it up. For one thing they removed the file size after the URL ( - 18k - ), this is what I used to find the URL. They also shortened 'Similar Pages' to just 'Similar', this was how I found the lines with the URLs on them. I could have possibly gotten around this, but I instead decided to change the method for harvesting URLs. Instead of grabbing them directly from the search result page, I'd just get them from the friendly list of links lynx put at the end of the dump. The reason I resisted this at first was that that list would have every link on the page in it. So there would probably be lots of links that weren't search results. Well after actually looking at the links almost all the non result links can be filtered with a few simple rules (just removing anything with 'google' in it got rid of most). So I've updated the code and the program should now work again.

In celebration of this glorious occation, I've asked Oracal some questions, here's what it had to say:
What kind of car should I buy?

Think about the way you consume gasoline. I'd love to buy the Ford Focus diesel, but they don't sell it in the United States. I was one of the (many) unlucky kids that didn't receive any car; new, used, or hand-me-down. Way to go Mike, eat the earth right. In the Internet age, this is a waste of time and money. Strangely enough, I know somebody with 14 kids, but Im not going to tell you what he drives because I want to hear from you. The new car dealer low balls your trade-in, charges MSRP on your new car purchase, high APR on the auto loan, high profit extras, dealer prep and ad fees, with a huge profit. Get your credit report, how to get a car loan, scams, online car loans, first time car loans, budget & loan excel spreadsheets, credit repair. It applies on accessories too, so educate yourself about how you should deal with accessories before you buy. No one can guarantee you'll make money investing it, and a car is not an investment, so stop obsessing over the loss.

What should I do with my life?

Most places want you to fill in all your information and then they say they'll call you back within 24 hours. I know well what makes a wife happy. I'm at absolute zero as far as life goes. It is surprising that many men do not know the answer to that question or take advantage of the fact the wife is just there. Chirta Bakshi, a relationship counselor adds, "Couples must think only `sex' while performing in bed. [413EFNQDP6L._SL75_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-st,TopRight,8,-14_OU01_]. A group of international experts will meet as early as this September to discuss whether it is time to revise policies that protect Mars from contamination. You may post anonymously - but we reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments at any time.

Is Second Life fun?

Retrospective errata: I later discovered the existence of black-note keyswitching. The final way that I find neat things are by reading some fantastic Second Life blogs. "It was pretty evident for us that 'Second Life' was a terrific environment for kids," said Robin Harper, Linden Lab's senior vice president of community. There is absolutely no pretense or mistake about what this site or product is meant to do, and it fits the playful, circusy attitude (harking back to Flava Flav's theatrics) of those involved well. But how was I do shop without any money? That's when I discovered FREEBIES. Koinup is a virtual world social network that is an awesome place for photography and machinima in Second Life (and other virtual worlds too!). -- you'd be exactly right.

How come there's peacocks in the front yard?

I was mainly worried cuz I didn't want somebody tryin to sue me for some bullshit. now this 2 door, 4 cylinder, grey beast, actually let me rephrase this, as the car was nicknamed "Pierre", but that is a whole different story of its own for another day! Anyway after, many long trips to Glencoe to meet with Sami, I thought it would be time to get a car of my own. Originally posted 27 months ago. As long as they have an ample food supply, the peacocks and peahens aren't likely to pull up stakes, Bogue said. As for goats- bah! Don't get me started!!!. Ironically, many peacock fanciers have only a passing interest in the new varieties that consume Brad's attention. Maybe the angle of the sun was off a bit. So one visit you might see it and not the next 2 or 3. I really didn't mean to wear you out!.

Will Manowar ever tour the US?

It has been very great so far for us. Then comes a surprise, a song that I didn't expect but how I loved it! When Joey first started out with his bass-guitar I thought it would be "Gates of Valhalla" but I realized that it was "Heart of Steel"!. [2004-04-01] Manowar: New (and maybe last) album "The Last March" to be released on June. Nowadays it takes 6 years for one new record. Eric started to sing and then the crowd were singing the rest of the lyrics, it was so awesome! After this song Eric told us about Hell on Earth pt 1, 2 3, and that they were filming this show for HOE pt 4 (!). Now that the first texts from 'The Asgard Saga' have been revealed officially, we will upload the stories in many translations in the next few days. I've been into Metal since `82 and I would like to say that I think I know what I am talking about. The debut of a unique collaboration between MANOWAR and Germany's bestselling fantasy author, Wolfgang Hohlbein.

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