Monday, March 8, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee

Last fall I became obsessed with a game called ultimate, aka ultimate frisbee or frisbee football.  We stopped playing for the winter, but now, with warmer temperatures and later sunsets we will be playing again.

Here's my summary of the game. Both team starts in their endzones, and throw the disc to the other team (known as a 'pull' similar to kick off). You can't run with the disc, you have to throw it to someone. If the disc is dropped there is a turnover. You can only hold on to the disc for 10 seconds, but that must be counted out load by a player within 10 feet of you. If you fail to get rid of the disc before 10 is counted there is a turnover. There is no contact, and any time there is contact that interferes with play a foul may be called.  A point is scored when you catch a pass in the other endzone.  We generally play to 5 points, then change up teams.

It's a pretty fast paced game that is surprisingly exhausting.

Picture summary:

This is a good summary of the rules:

More in depth rules plus basic strategy:

Pretty sweet rules flow chart, answers questions about what happens if...

Official UPA 11th edition rules:

There are a couple different types of throws, Youtube is great for learning these:

Buy some discs:

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