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The solution was to be found on the moon. Scientists determined that Tall King radar signals, traveling in a straight line, would eventually collide with the moon at least part of the day. The trick would be to catch the signals as they bounced back to earth. To accomplish this, a complex "catcher's mitt" was built. Near Moorestown, New Jersey, a giant sixty- foot satellite dish was aimed at the lunar surface. Attached to it were very sensitive Elint receivers tuned to the Tall King frequency. Over time, as the earth and moon revolved and rotated, all of the Tall King radars eventually came within view and were charted. "

"In Bruce Schneier's book,Secrets & Lies,he points out that the FBI estimates that up to twenty national intelligence organizations are partly focused on U.S.companies in the hope of successfully conducting industrial espionage.Their purpose is to relay information to companies in their own countries. China is considered the worst offender the world around, but France and Israel are also high on the list."

"Turnbull studied the Bambuti pygmies who live in the dense rain forests of the Congo, a closed-in world without vast open spaces. Turnbull brought a pygmy out to a vast plain where a herd of buffalo was grazing in the distance. The pygmy said he had never seen one of these insects before; when told they were buffalo, he was offended and Turnbull was accused of insulting his intelligence. Turnbull drove the jeep toward the buffalo; the pygmy's eyes widened in amazement as he saw the insects 'grow' into buffalo before him. He concluded that witchcraft was being used to deceive him."

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