Wednesday, December 16, 2009

230 Protesters Arrested Trying to Breach Climate Summit’s Perimeter Fence

"Several hundred others were detained before even reaching the centre using a new law of pre-emptive arrest, brought in before the conference, which enables police to hold for up to 12 hours those they suspect may break the law. Patrick Gillett, 25, from London, spoke to The Times from Copenhagen’s temporary Climate Jail, a requisitioned warehouse on the city outskirts designed to process hundreds of arrests a day."

I can't imagine any way in which this law could be abused.

The problem with these international conferences is that cities want to host them, and don't want any possible embarrassment ruining any future chances.  So they are willing to ignore basic rights to ensure there aren't any problems.  I'd argue there isn't even any point to international conferences.  This isn't 1900, people don't need to meet face to face to come to agreements.  What's wrong with a digital teleconference?  I guess it wouldn't bring any city revenue and politicians couldn't show off like they are doing something without actually doing anything.

This is how I feel about any of these international conferences.  However, in this case it is particularly ironic with it being a pollution conference.  I'd like to see a comparison of the reduction in pollution that won't be agreed upon or followed through on vs the amount of pollution the actual conference is producing.

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