Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alternate Ending To Terminator 2

So I had a dream about Terminator 2 the other day.  Actually it involved both movies to some degree, but mostly seemed to be about T2.  Unfortunately I can't remember much, but I do remember the ending.  Which I think you'll agree is a vast improvement.  More or less everything is going the same until they get to Cyberdyne.  When they get there that black guy reveals himself to be an advanced terminator.  His body opens up and expands and physically captures the main characters.  Similar to Cartman in the Trapper Keeper episode (which I didn't realize until now had a Terminator theme itself).  Anyway, I can remember that Kyle Reese from the first movie was there and still free, but the dream pretty much ended there when one of you inconsiderately IMd me in the middle of the night (3pm) and woke me up.

However, one could say that my waking up at the end of the movie could actually be a good ending itself.  And in fact that you by reading this now are taking part in the still on going ending to the movie.  Congratulations, you've finally made it.

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