Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Former Congressman Learns About Streisand Effect

"Ted Alvin Klaudt, a former South Dakota lawmaker convicted of raping his two foster daughters, has sent news organizations what he claims is a copyright notice that seeks to prevent the use of his name without his consent." The story says Klaudt maintains "no one can use his name without his consent, and anyone who does would owe him $500,000."

 This is a wonderful example of the Streisand Effect.  When you get some bad publicity the best thing to do is ignore it, or flood good news about yourself.  If you attempt to cover it up, especially with legal threats, it'll backfire.  Then people will not only make sure to spread the original news, but also the news that you are trying to hide it.  For example, 10 minutes ago we didn't know about this dude raping his adopted daughters, but since he tried to bully that news away now we do.

Also for the sake of principle, this is the orginal picture of her house that Streisand tried to sue to get censored.

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